The UFO cover-up and WHY it exists…

Why the cover-up concerning UFOs and anything extraterrestrial in nature?

This is a question that appears frequently amidst those discussing UFOs and their nature. We’re led to believe that it would result in fear and civil unrest through the actions of the mainstream media, entertainment content and political figures. This dogmatic mantra is repeated and reinforced heavily in order to get those working within the system to believe that they are protecting the citizenry from danger. This tactic is used mostly for politicians, members of the military and scientists working within and with exposure to these programs. If they believe that the people aren’t ready to confront this revelation, they are more likely to keep their mouths shut and feel as if they are doing the right thing. This is crucial as there are certainly rough methods utilized to advance and protect the agenda of the elites, but having ordinary, loving people as willful participants ensures healthy secrecy.

It is true, if a declaration were released tomorrow stating we’re not alone in this Universe, there would be some unease and fear from people who are quite comfortable within the perceptions of the old paradigm. Yes, this is true, but not at all what those in power are concerned about. As history and surely the coming future will consistently reveal, these people care not one iota about the welfare, health or well being of ‘the people’ in any manner. It is rather simple. The knowledge and potential acceptance of extraterrestrial visitation is a massive threat to their control, power and profit systems. Those in the obscure, highest niches of power have invested everything into the production of a very specialized, well-controlled societal engine.

Imagine if the Roswell crash or any of the reported crashes in the 40’s and 50’s was true. The US Government would have had in their possession an extraterrestrial craft with technology far exceeding anything we were capable of at that time. The potential military and technology applications alone are enough to warrant a massive campaign of disinformation, suppression and control, never mind considering the threats to energy companies.

There are many books, films, interviews and other media that document the various events throughout the last several decades concerning recovered discs, the cover-up process and how it’s been carried out by the governments of the world and major corporations. I’ll likely discuss some of this in future posts, but for now, let’s focus on:

Why a cover-up occurred in the first place…

What implications this would entail…

What the consequences may be…

The cover-up is not one simple lie such as the government hiding the truth about extraterrestrials. It is an intricate web of countless lies that stretch over many decades and into many facets of our societal structure. To disclose the truth about their visitation would open Pandora’s Box; the admittance of one lie would lead to another… and so on and so on. Ending the truth embargo (which is enforced on all nations) would unravel the whole conspiracy at large. The most powerful industries on our planet would be forced to change from the ensuing social pressures. The military industrial complex would be downsized and radically restructured. The energy industry and its production, manufacturing and distribution arms would lose their influence and control. Governments around the world would undergo massive reform and many powerful people involved would find themselves out of work or in jail cells.

The threat to the status quo couldn’t be any bigger. The entire planet would experience a major reshuffling of power and influence. It’s no wonder the fight to disclose this information has been so difficult. The global powers that control this information and technology have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Any aspect of the following can be expanded upon with significant detail; but let’s try to consider the major aspects in order to better define the macro-perspective.

Political Change

How many politicians, military members and wealthy elites have been complicit in covering up this information? How many lives have been lost due to the cover-up? How many wars have been waged that never needed to occur in the first place? How would the technology have benefited the human race had it been used for the good of mankind? What major corporations were involved and profited greatly by controlling the technology? How many news and media organizations were involved?

As we research and work our way up the pyramid of societal control, the wealth and control grows increasingly concentrated. It helps greatly if one understands this massive concentration of wealth, power and how our society is designed in a hierarchical, compartmentalized fashion. A rather few companies at the very top dictate and manage vast portions of the societal engine. Due to the compartmentalized nature of it all, many people have little understanding of what it is that they are supporting through their small individual actions. A common oversight many people make is thinking that there’s no way so many people could do such evil things. The truth is, the majority of those involved don’t know or don’t feel they are doing anything evil or damaging to their society.  Only a select few at the very top of the pyramid have perspective on the greater agenda in play.

The technological capabilities would offer an extreme tactical advantage to whoever was given access to any recovered discs or technology. Both militarily and commercially, there would be plenty of control, power and profit to offer. The military and wealthy elites would easily get major corporations involved by granting them special access to the technologies; corporations would then be able to profit from commercial and military applications.

Once exposed to the mass public at large, those at the very top with gross involvement would face various criminal courts and likely serve jail time for a variety of offences. The suppression system is sure to have been criminal over the last few decades as people were bribed, blackmailed, silenced and ‘removed’ if necessary. There is also evidence that suggests the U.S. Government entered into agreements with some negative E.T. factions and allowed abductions to occur in exchange for additional craft and technology. If true, who authorized and allowed this to happen to people across the world, including the U.S.?

The central power core of the major governments would not be able to survive the scandals and corruption that would suddenly be exposed to the public. The pressure would rise until massive reformation occurred. It will have been taxpayer money that funded all of these secret advancements, these black budget projects that saw companies, various politicians and wealthy elites profit greatly at the expense of the taxpayer. As more and more advancements are revealed, technologies that have been secret for years will start to emerge. Be it cheap, clean energy systems… lightening fast, efficient modes of travel…. Food replicators… and health and body technologies that eradicate all disease… with each revelation, the fury of the taxpayers will grow. These technologies are withheld for many reasons, but two major reasons are obvious. They are economically destructive and they lessen the amount of control they can wield over the masses.

The unfortunate truth of so many industries would start to emerge as people see them more clearly for what they truly represent, control systems.

Corporate and Commercial Change

At the corporate level, it would expose all sorts of black budget projects and likely result in these companies being gutted by regulators and the new governmental powers that would be entering office. These companies are all owned by a comparatively small network of powerful people and form the commercial arm that controls the technology allowed to the masses for civilian use.

It is clear that those in charge want the status quo to endure for as long as possible. If they had their way, the masses would still use oil-driven vehicles and spend thousands of dollars a year on water and electricity for the next hundred years. It is beneficial to them when the masses work long hours and struggle to pay bills every month. By keeping the majority of society in a state of suppression and mode of survival, they are able to wield more effective control and continued power. Anything that would usurp power and radically alter a key industry is considered an economic danger in the eyes of the elites.

Their eyes have also been privileged to some radical technologies that would mean the end of the current paradigm, the end of their control system.

It’ll be the end of corporations for profit when replicators become readily available to every person on this planet. Replicators converting pure energy into any material need one might require: be it food, clothing, a computer, a vehicle or any raw material.

Who will shop at the mall for clothes when they can use a computer to replicate any outfit they desire and custom tailor it to fit their body perfectly? Companies that manufacture all sorts of appliances and electronics will eventually be forced to shutdown. It’ll be impossible to regulate what people are replicating and if they tried, it’d likely be a repeat of the success achieved with curbing online music piracy. This was entertainment; this was not a basic need… how do you stop people from replicating the food they need to avoid starvation? No matter where you start, within a relatively short amount of time, all material goods will become free and abundant for all the people of this planet.

How will profit-driven companies compete? They won’t be able to… and the very nature of a company will undoubtedly change to reflect perspectives of a new, more enlightened society.

An artist inspired Audi Concept Vehicle.

It’ll be the end of automobiles and planes… at least as we use them today. We’ll be using gravity controlled systems, and likely a whole host of other propulsion and engine systems. You’ll be able to get anywhere on the planet with relative ease, great speed and at low cost.

These technologies will use radically different forms of energy that are built upon the framework of the Universe itself; the potential energy and sheer abundance is staggering compared to what we use today.

As with water, air and food, energy will eventually be free to all people.

The energy crisis will disappear overnight along with the stranglehold the elites have placed upon the planet. They have been hoping to keep people dependent on these old technologies for as long as possible in order to maintain control and wealth. With the implementation of many new, free and clean energy sources, the geopolitical landscape will radically change.

Social Change

Society will slowly restructure itself to deal with ever increasing freedom, prosperity, abundance and technology. Poverty, crime, pain, disease and war will increasingly dissipate in presence and eventually become a distant memory.

Imagine a planet full of free, healthy and prosperous people with the ability to zip around the planet in minutes. You could visit and dine all across this planet on a regular basis without hassle. You could have friends and family spread out across various continents, yet visit them with extreme ease and comfort. Eventually, enough people will tire of carrying around passports and filling out paperwork. You’ll eventually attain critical social mass and borders will fall as dealing with them becomes pointless and cumbersome; people will just want to enjoy the planet.

It’ll be the end of War… there will be increasingly fewer people to carry the weapons of war. Who will fight wars when people have technology that eradicates all notions of scarcity and replaces it with abundance? What are they going to fight over? What lacking resource?

When any given individual can either spend their day in luxurious peace or spend it trying to kill another human being, what will they choose?

As wars end, so will the need for all of the weapons manufactured by the military industrial complex. What will happen when not only the money, but the manpower, energy and creativity of humanity is steered away from war and onto a new path? What will humanity be capable of then?

Religions around the world would eventually have to recognize that the Universe is abundant with life and far more complex than previously imagined. As the people become more tolerant and accepting of other peoples differences, religions will reflect this new attitude. Religious freedom will undergo a revolution as the shift in consciousness, in greater awareness of self, allows us to embrace uniqueness rather than fear it. Many religious institutions, similar to the actions of corporations or governments, have their own methods of control and suppression. They have spent thousands of years fighting  each other in order to have greater power over the masses. As society changes, centralized power will fade and religions will shift their priorities to serving the people, rather than controlling them.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries will see massive change as new medical technologies are brought online. Profits will steadily dry up as these new systems start replacing the need for drugs, surgery and other forms of treatment. Eventually, disease and pain will be eradicated and the times when healthcare costs forced people to lose their homes will seem utterly barbaric.

It’ll be the end of food control… food production will be replaced by technologies such as replicators. There will be no more clearing of the rainforests in order to plant GMO crops. There will be no use of starvation as a tool of war, control, genocide or pressuring political change.

There will be no children starving to death in any country on this Earth. This madness will finally end.

It will be the end of modern bankers, politicians, crooks, criminals and thieves. Why would a criminal rob you if he can simply get it for free from a community replicator? Politicians will no longer serve the interests of dying corporations; political reform will pave the way for politicians to once again represent the interest of the people. As all will have access to such great abundance, financial drive will be replaced by an honorable drive to serve the needs of the people, planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

It’s understandable to believe that politicians will always have money on their minds, but future politicians will not, for indeed, eventually money will cease to exist.

How do you regulate a currency when people can replicate whatever backs it?

What is money going to be used for when people replicate whatever foods and material goods they desire? Primo real estate? People won’t be tied down to electrical and water grids. They will be able to live anywhere with advanced energy and construction technologies. Money will be used temporarily during the transition into this ‘new world’, but it will eventually fade in power and be replaced with barter and exchange. People will have all of their basic needs met and will look more towards the future. Big, bold ideas will flood the collective consciousness as we seek new challenges to tackle as a team. The once deemed impossible will suddenly be at the top of our list.

The financing of the future will not be in dollars, but in spirit and heart. You may have a daring idea, a challenging project you wish to undertake. You’ll recruit people of like mind and interest to assist you. They will do it for the sake of the challenge, for fun, or for ‘experience’. They will do it for all of these things, but not for lack, not for need, and certainly not for a brick of gold they could easily replicate at will.

Why is the UFO cover-up such a big deal?

Occupy Wall Street…

It’s one of the major knots in our societal breakdown; once it loosens, it’s only a matter of time before everything else comes spilling out. It’s the inevitable end to centuries of the same power plays by the same power brokers. It’s the end of people serving the control system, working dead end jobs, and living paycheck to paycheck. It’s the end of the keeping the masses occupied with survival and trapped in whatever ‘reality’ the system presents to them through the papers, news and media they conveniently own.

The very last item on their checklist of concerns would be whether or not the people could handle the reality of ET presence. This is only on their list when it comes to selling the need for a cover-up to those few honest individuals within the political, business and media industries of the planet who would otherwise oppose it. They stress to these people the need for a slow reveal over decades in order to protect the people and society at large. These otherwise honest individuals work against the people due to their limited sense of perspective on the issue.

This is the message the one hand of the elites sell while the other hand forever seeks new creative ways to manipulate, suppress, exploit and further confine the masses to their control system.

It’s important that we stop asking the superficial questions and push the press and it’s journalists to start considering the more in-depth issues the UFO cover-up presents. It’s the people within the media empires that allow this cover-up to continue. It’s the people working at these companies, the soldiers guarding the bases, the politicians who take the bribes and the citizenry itself that allows it to continue through ignorance. Our society is a reflection of this apathetic attitude. Worse, we’ve allowed them to steer us into a society that ridicules and condemns any thinking that isn’t mainstream or popularized by the media and press. Even with hundreds of military officials, pilots and intelligence officers willing to testify before Congress, the wall of secrecy remains.

Thankfully, that wall is crumbling faster with every passing year. It is only a matter of time before the dam bursts and an overwhelming flood of information will change this entire society.

We’ve scratched the surface here and hopefully this provides more macro perspective on the UFO cover-up. I hope this helps shed light on the more complex nature of the problem and what questions we need to start asking. I did leave out a rather important component which is how the E.T. presence factors into these changes. I’ll be covering ideas and thoughts on that topic in future postings.

Thank you for your time.